in'Risk Compliance



With the newly added pressures on the financial markets regarding the standards that need to be respected by the financial instruments, institutions now see it as regulatory to be introduced to financial statements...

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valoores Financial Crime and Compliance suite of applications helps financial institutions tackle today's tactical risk and compliance problems while future-proofing compliance spent across regulatory mandates...

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Ongoing rapid regulatory change and a complex market dynamic present significant challenges for financial institutions’ operating models, analytics and reporting capabilities. As regulators begin to export compliance...

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The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) enacted in 2010 by the U.S Congress has a wide range of implications for Banks and Financial institutions over the world...

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in'Basel III

valoores Financial Services delivers wide-ranging coverage across all of the Basel III guidelines and regulatory requirements. Financial institutions suffering from a shortage of capital,...

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basel regulatory

in'Basel Regulatory Capital

valoores Financial Services in’Basel Regulatory Capital is an out-of-the-box, scalable solution covering Pillar I requirements across Basel II and Basel III guidelines...

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liquidity risk management

in'Liquidity Risk Management

Pre-configured regulatory scenarios and runs; Extensive set of business assumptions for behavior modeling...

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in'GRC - Risk & Business Process Consulting

The breaches to an organization’s information security can damage a good reputation and lead to a loss of confidence among customers, investors and the market at large...

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entreprise incident management

in'Enterprise Incident Management

Cross-channel investigation functions correlation and network analysis; Correlation and network analysis...

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in'Fraud Management

There is no shortage of ingenuity when it comes to financial crime and fraud. We see this daily as fraudsters continuously adapt their approach and methods in an effort to stay one step ahead of the law...

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operational risk

in'Operational Risk

Operational risk management is an integral function of any financial service organization. It is aimed at fostering a risk aware culture into people, processes and systems in the organization. As an essential ally and...

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IT Governance

in'IT Governance

Until now, regulatory mandates have been the primary catalyst for improving an organization’s control environment and business processes. As a financial crisis grips the world economy and mega corporations...

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