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  • Valoores in'Healthcare
    VALOORES in'Healthcare
    Creating opportunities, reducing costs,
    and improving health care through
    data-driven transformations

  • Valoores in'Healthcare
    “There is no Gain without Pain,
    Based on a Solid Information Integrity”
  • Valoores in'Healthcare
    VALOORES in'Healthcare
    Harnessing big data to derive
    insights for improving healthcare
    delivery and reducing waste

  • Valoores in'Healthcare
    30 Years of Success, deja,
    covering four continents.
    We deliver on: Time, on Scope,
    on Budget, on Quality, on Continuity!
  • Valoores in'Healthcare
    VALOORES in'Healthcare
    Utilizes a data-driven methodology
    to give healthcare providers the ability
    to measure and improve outcomes by
    tracking key performance and risk
    indicators, helping to reduce costs.

  • Valoores in'Healthcare
    "We can't solve problems by using
    the same kind of thinking we used
    when we created them."
    ~ Albert Einstein
Valoores Valoores

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VALOORES in 3 Lines

VALOORES empowers decision making, helping people and businesses around the globe reach their targets. Founded in 1989 in France, the Company is a pioneer in Master Data Governance, Retail & Merchandising, Supply Chain Optimization, KYC, Regulatory Compliance, Financial Crime - AML & Fraud, Predictive Analytics and Data Science to improve their on-going operations, executions and decisions.

Key Benefits

  • Adopt tailored, personalized healthcare with a patient-centric approach
  • Identify high-risk patients
  • Better value based healthcare
  • Plan care for individuals and populations, including predictive disease management
  • Create tools to improve patients’ experience
  • Prevent security breaches & fraud
  • Better manage costs, resource allocation, and outcomes
  • Utilize intelligent business tools to enhance organizational and individual performance and decision making
  • Prioritize value based healthcare focusing on healthcare costs and treatment outcomes

  VALOORES in'Healthcare Services
Choose below from the wide range of options:



VALOORES in'Fraud harnesses the power of predictive analytics and network link analysis combined with our rules based engine in order to uncover suspicious behavior and prevent fraudulent transactions from happening. This service allows users to focus their attention on cases worth investigating through a dynamic and smart analytics alert system, utilize case management tools for further investigation, and uncover big data linkages between various individuals and organizations. Data mining techniques provides a holistic view on new and emerging threats necessary for firms and organizations to take action.

in’Data Governance

KYP, Know Your Patient

Healthcare providers are constantly working to deliver basic healthcare services to patients by managing their individual cases and treatments by shuffling through a vast collection of past medical and clinical records. Deeply understanding their patients’ clinical past, identifying growing trends and changing clinical cases, is integral in carrying out easy patient onboarding and better personalized care. Our big data solution allows healthcare providers to compare and analyze an individual patient’s data with thousands of others in order to provide more accurate and tailored healthcare and enables sophisticated predictive modeling to identify growing patterns and trends giving new meaning to preventive care.


Dynamic Dashboards & Reports

Hospital operations and the need to deliver medical services have never been so complex given the growing organizational structures and bureaucratic reporting needs. VALOORES dashboard tools & reports equip agencies with the capability to tackle these workflow and reporting challenges by automating basic functions, instituting report structuring mechanisms, and streamlining workflow.



VALOORES in'Profit drives a hospital's balance sheets and financial and fiscal planning. Rich, intelligent & compliant to international standards are in'Profit's bread and butter. Health organizations can conduct public planning financials, performance and compliance management, and help achieve sustainable and efficient fiscal spending in order to successfully deliver high quality health services to patients.


Healthcare Analyzer

VALOORES analytics centralizes all your key data across core performance areas such-administrative, financial, and clinical- in order to gain better organizational visibility and help facilitate better decision making and improve overall operational performance. VALOORES’ analytics provides actionable, insight from big data in order to optimize financials, reduce waste, and provide quality care.

Dynamic Dashboards & Reports

Communication & Digital Portals

VALOORES recognizes the governance challenges facing agencies in mandating and communicating state wide initiatives to the public. Bridging the gap between the public and private sectors through efficient services delivery and effective communication tools through the digitization and automation.

Analytics in Healthcare

Grappling with the challenges presented by the need to transform healthcare, VALOORES is harnessing the power of analytics to tackle a variety of healthcare trends:

    • A need for a single version of the truth for executive and clinical reporting
    • Faster and more efficient reporting within your organization
    • Quality improvement initiatives
    • Cost reduction pressure
    • Research initiatives
    • Population health initiatives
    • Accountable care or shared risk initiatives
    • Forecast of pharmaceutical needs
    • Analysis of disease trends
    • Support for development of targeted treatments
    • Queuing optimization

  Healthcare Data Analysis Lifecycle

Data governance stands at the heart of VALOORES’ solutions. We leverage the power of technology and analytics to deliver real-time and efficient data management solutions for your financial and operational needs by providing data integration and cleansing, master data management, and data visualization with high-performance analytics. We help facilitate the easy flow of high volume data ensuring its quality and management. Our solution targets the healthcare data analysis lifecycle which is essential in delivering the right tools to analyze data and discover insights that drives care and process improvement initiatives. The healthcare data analysis lifecycle is as follows:


Stage 1: Data Capture

An organization’s operations are impacted by the way its personnel, processes, and devices capture data. Acquiring key data elements, assuring data quality, and integrating data capture into operational workflow are all critical elements required to ensure proper data capture and quality control.


Stage 2: Data Provisioning

Data from multiple source systems is required in order to generate optimal meaningful insights. Moving data from transactional systems into an enterprise data warehouse or data marts and building visualization for use by clinicians is essential.

valoores in'healthcare

Stage 3: Data Analysis

Data quality evaluation, data discovery through data mining, interpretation, and presentation of the data completes the process of delivering insightful data analysis to key stakeholders in the organization.

Powerful Dashboard Visualizations
VALOORES Dashboards Provide Instant Insights & Better Decisions

  VALOORES Related Applications
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in’AML solution provides an enterprise platform enabling efficient detection, investigation, and reporting of suspected money laundering and terrorist financing activity. It helps financial institutions tackle risk & compliance problems.

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in'Profit solution drives a company’s profitability. Rich, intelligent & compliant to international standards are in‘Profit’s bread and butter. Instant decision making tool with wide range of analytics.

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in'IFRS9 solution is built on a logical, single classification and measurement approach for financial assets. It will accommodate you to cope with the new tsunami of Compliance, Regulations and Risk Management in 2018.

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