Ongoing regulatory change and complex market dynamics present significant challenges for financial institutions’ operating models, analytics and reporting capabilities. As regulators begin to export compliance regulatory requirements downstream to smaller banks as well as buy side firms, these entities will be keenly scrutinizing the pioneering risk data aggregation and integration processes as potential best-practices that can be scaled to their sizes and adapted to specific jurisdictions’ regulatory requirements.

valoores' in’Regulatory solution equips multi-jurisdiction institutions with a Business Process Management vehicle, a Data Governance and Analytics platform, a report designer to adapt to regulations as they metamorphose and a universal dashboard engine to monitor activities. In’Regulatory serves all customer needs, unlocks commercial value, and supports good risk governance when complying with financial regulations reporting.


  • Master Data Management for High Quality and Data Integrity
  • The Mobile way and the use of effective technology efficiently
  • Profitability and sustainability with multi devices
  • KYC, Know Your Customer as much you Know Your Team
  • Keep the Radar Screen for reducing sanctions, taxes, and data defense
  • The Multi-Channels : Better treatment of both retail and wholesale customers
  • The Risk to maintain on Off-shoring and cyber security attack.


  • Provides a universal dashboard and analytics engine to address Forward Looking Forecasts, Scenario Management and Stress testing.
  • Secures Ad Hoc / Real time scheduled executions across scattered and heterogeneous data sources and platforms.
  • Configurable interface to level set thresholds and accuracy tolerance, with a supporting audit trail framework, to dynamically design lay outs and layers, then pull out KPIs, KRIs, and security clearances.
  • Transforms data, including internal capital, risk, valuation, and other spectra into dynamic actionable information.