The in’Via is a user friendly business intelligence tool, dedicated to executives and business users to empower their everyday business decisions, via a direct access to a library of Key Performance and Risk Indicators. The in’Via includes a Dashboard Builder with Alerts and Tasks, an Application Builder, and a Library of KPRIs.

Key Benefits

  • Identify Trends, Discover Opportunities & Anticipate Emerging Risks
  • Gain Insights on Key Parameters for Better Decision Making
  • Multi-purpose, Business intelligence dashboard.
  • Unifying data sources
  • Avoiding duplicate information
  • Information Transparency for Higher Traceability
  • Multilanguage Application Enabling Diversity
  • Efficient workforce management
  • Transforming Data to Knowledge

Dashboard Builder

  • Create Alerts and Tasks
  • Personalized dashboards
  • Edit on the fly
  • Define unique user experience
  • Manage secured actions and roles

Application Builder

  • Easily Build and Access KPRIs
  • Define KPRIs parameters
  • Add, Edit or Delete, Search & Favorite Functions
  • Chart Definition & Customize attributes